Backed by these investors

Sarah Drinkwater

Sarah Drinkwater

Tony Jamous

Tony Jamous

Michael Pennington

Michael Pennington

The founders

David, founder and CEO

Photo of Dave

Before Superthread, David founded a mobile gaming company where he built complex games with millions of players like Forces of Freedom. He started Superthread to build a collaboration tool with the same polish and performance as a well executed game.

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Ben, co-founder and CTO

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Ben brings 10 years of experience working on large scale SaaS platforms like cloud video production suite Grabyo and low code automation specialists He wants to make Superthread the unanimous answer to the question, "Why has no-one made a better issue tracker?".

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Brennan, co-founder and CPO

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Brennan brings 7 years of B2B SaaS experience at bootstrapped analytics company GoSquared, then as the Head of Product Experience for the global scale up Nexmo (acquired by Vonage/Ericsson). He scaled the self service apps that kept over 1m developers and customers happy. Now he plans to do the same at Superthread.

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